It’s one thing to enjoy doing graphic design. It’s quite another to try to make a living off of it. If you enjoy doing design as a hobby, but would like to professionalize it and take it to the next level, then you should definitely take the important step of getting a degree in it. There are many courses, schools, and classes to choose from, but it can be quite hard to know which ones are best for you.

It’s extremely hard for even an expert to say which institutions are the best design schools. There are hundreds of factors to take into account, on top of which are all the variables determined by each individual. Some people prefer small classes, others prefer big ones, and some prefer to just study from home. It all really comes down to what each student wants to get out of his or her time of studying, and how he or she wants to go about getting it.

Some important things to consider when selecting a school include location, tuition, setting, faculty, and non-academic programs. If you want to study near to home, you will need to find a good school in your area, and the opposite is true if you want to study far away from home. Tuition is a major factor as well, because you can’t really spend more than you can afford, especially if there are no financial aid options available. And if you don’t want to live in an urban or rural setting for the years that you plan to be taking design classes, then you shouldn’t choose even the best design schools if they’re in that setting. You definitely want to be at a school where the teachers and faculty care about your progress and also equally care about doing their jobs to the best of their ability. And knowing whether sports or other programs unrelated to design are offered might be a deal breaker.

These are all factors in choosing the top design schools, and should all definitely be taken into account. Just as important, however, is seeing which schools offer the best art courses and programs, and in these cases there are also a few variables. For instance, certain schools specialize more in computer graphics and animation, while others focus on fine art and illustration. Each school has its strengths and you need to see which of these most correspond with yours. Also important to consider are the opportunities you will have during the courses and once completed—for instance internships, job placements, scholarships, and more. You will want to see which alumni have graduated already and what their opportunities were. Not only that, but see if there are any possible grants, scholarships, or other financial aid options available for you. 

After taking a good look at the schools and what they have to offer, you can then make an informed decision about which school suits you the best. Those will be the best design schools for you. It does, of course, matter about the details, and some schools are generally better than others, but it really comes down to what you as the student find to be best for your future career.


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