Database development certificates or degree courses involve two main disciplines: database system administration, and database system development. These two disciplines can be covered in two to four academic years depending on the institution. There are various database management systems including Oracle, MySQL, Sybase, and Microsoft SQL Server. Database development schools offer classes in some of the main stream DBMS and standards like JDBC, SQL, and ODBC. Students can also expect to study programming languages such as JAVA, Visual Basic, and C#, among others. Good SAT scores in math and English are essential, and this course is highly recommended for computer enthusiasts.

Various companies that make database management systems offer accreditation courses for developers. For instance one can get accreditation from Microsoft or Oracle as a developer for their specific platforms. This endorsement is important as it helps increase opportunity to grow a client base or find employment. Software companies often require specialized database developers and managers, a necessity in software development. Firms that require administration of their DBMS often turn to consultants who are specialized in the field. This makes consultancy in database development quite lucrative. The field is expected to grow in tandem with the software industry and it is therefore a worthwhile career path.

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