The state of Connecticut has two major cities, the capital Hartford, and Bridgeport. The rest of the state consists of small rural towns. The cost of living varies quite a bit. It?s higher in the cities, and lower in the suburbs and outlying areas. Connecticut?s geography similarly goes to extremes, from the 2,379-foot tall Mt. Frissell in the northern part, to the sea level southern border of the state. It?s not uncommon for New Yorkers to have second homes there, or even to commute from the state into the Big Apple.

Connecticut is home to several aircraft designers and manufacturers. There are programs for aircraft maintenance technicians at several Connecticut Technical Schools. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that careers for Avionics Technicians can be quite lucrative. The state projects that tourism will be an area of growth in coming years. Connecticut offers schools that provide Hospitality Management certificate programs, with courses that prepare individuals to flourish in the hotel and tourism industries. Obtaining Connecticut Technical School training for culinary services allows students to enter the high-profile restaurant world, in which opportunities abound. Consider enrolling in one of the many Connecticut technical schools offering classes that will turn today?s students into tomorrow?s workforce.

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