Most institutions that offer this program only offer a computerized office application certificate, or a computerized office application degree at the associate?s level. Depending on the school, the program may be divided into two concentrations, administrative office professional or website development. The coursework in this program usually consists of classes such as, office systems and procedures; keyboarding; management fundamentals; and basic computer skills. Those who are focusing on the website development concentration may also take classes such as, principles of HTML, search engine optimization, and JavaScript. True to its name, most of the work in a computerized office application training course is done on computers.

The computerized office application course at an accredited educational institution usually consists of updated training and curriculum that may not be available at a non-accredited school. Accredited schools are required to submit their courses to an oversight board for review, which means that these classes must pass state standards in order to be offered. Students who complete this course at an accredited school can graduate with confidence, knowing they have received the best available education in their programs. Jobs for computerized office application graduates include administrative assistant, and computer support specialist.

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