A typical computer networking degree program includes both core classes in general subjects such as, math and English; and hands-on work done in a computer laboratory. Since students need to learn how to use computers proficiently, the majority of the classes consist of topics such as, network essentials, wireless technologies, and routing protocols. These computer networking classes teach students how to operate in a secure network and how they can work to maintain the efficiency of the system. A computer networking certificate program, however, sticks to the basics by covering topics such as, LAN and WAN implementation, hardware, and routing techniques.

The computer networking training programs at accredited schools are usually of a higher quality than those offered at non-accredited schools. This advanced education often helps graduates to find work in their chosen profession much faster. Depending on the type of certificate or degree, a computer networking graduate is qualified to work as a computer network technician, or IT assistant. Those who pursue a bachelor?s or master?s degree in computer networking may qualify for work as a network administrator, or systems administrator. The industry need for skills in computer Nnetworking is growing at an extremely high rate, making this one of the most highly demanded professions in the marketplace.

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