Most students who attend a computer information systems degree program do their work at individual computer terminals in rooms called labs. While they may be required to use textbooks in some of their core classes, the bulk of their learning is done directly on computers. An associate?s degree program in computer information systems may include courses such as, UNIX; computer programming; web programming; and database systems. A bachelor?s degree program, however, typically covers complex topics including, web application development, discrete mathematics, and advanced software development. Students who are working toward a computer information systems certificate must complete their bachelor?s before beginning the program. Certificate classes include software project management, and concepts of relational database management systems.

Students who attend an accredited computer information systems (CIS) institution may be able to secure work faster than those who attend non-accredited schools. A major advantage of an accredited school is that it often offers specific software certification programs that help students to improve the quality of their resumes. Graduates of computer information systems (CIS) training programs can find jobs as computer and information systems managers, a field that is still growing in the United States. These managers may work in several industries, including finance, computer programming, and government, providing a measure of job security that may not be available in other industries.

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