There are several computer aided design schools and courses available at numerous institutions and online. Most classes will include training in AutoCAD and AutoDESK, the two most widely used CAD applications. Students can expect to spend quite some time on the computer learning the basics of CAD systems ? drafting and reproduction method;, dimensioning and geometry; and, 2D and 3D modeling. Most engineering and architectural courses offer CAD as a unit, but computer aided design certificates can be applied for. To qualify, applicants generally require a good high school GPA and general computer skills; this however, depends on the school.

When selecting a computer aided design school, it is important to ensure that it is accredited by a professional body. This will guarantee that the degree or certificate offered is valid and that the skills obtained are up to par. The American Design Drafting Association is a good reference point for this information. Holders of computer aided design certificates are indispensable in the field of technical design, architecture, engineering and 3D modeling. The building and construction industry also provides a large market for professionals in this field. Computer aided design experts are also widely involved in animation and special effects.

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