If you?re excited by the manifold career opportunities that CompTIA?s wide-recognized and highly-respected certifications can offer you, then don?t get your hopes up quite yet. Bring yourself down to earth for one second and tackle the more realistic and immediate obstacle before you first: where to get good CompTIA training.

There are plenty of organizations out there just clamoring to have you training for your CompTIA certification test with them. Just one quick Google search will turn up thousands of results, including plenty of ads with bold-faced promises. But first and foremost, before you get caught up by any of the slick guarantees, check to see whether the program you?re looking into is a member of the CompTIA Learning Alliance. This exclusive membership means that the training provider has been approved by CompTIA itself, a strong nod in its favor from the get-go. It isn?t advisable to look at competitors without this distinction.

These types of CompTIA training classes, courses, and approved instructors are certainly one way to go. They?re not the only one, however. If you?re concerned about the time commitment you?ll have to make to a course, or even about course fees, the other option is to teach yourself. Depending on what CompTIA certification you want, this may or may not be feasible. But certainly for more basic examinations like the A+ certification, this form of self-training is quite doable. The CompTIA website offers practice tests and information; apart from that, you might take a look in your local bookstore for help guides.

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