There are numerous schools that offer certification courses recognized by hardware and software manufacturers. But CompTIA certification courses bring together all these skills to create a perfect blend of knowledge. CompTIA has a number of classes; starting from the very basics in the A+ course which delves into installing, configuring, building and troubleshooting computer hardware, software and networks. CompTIA A+ certification creates a good foundation for further classes like Network+ and Security+. The certification is broad and includes other courses like Server+, Linux+, Project+, and strata certification among others. It is possible to pursue all or specialize in a few.

The Computing Technology Industry Association is in itself a globally recognized certification and accreditation body. Their certification allows specialization in various technology fields like computer security, statistical computing, project planning, networks and server installation among many others. This coupled with the fact that there is much demand for such professionals, makes the job market and future prospects quite promising. CompTIA certification also provides an excellent platform to further education and in turn, builds your career in the field of information technology. Investing in IT education is quite lucrative in an environment where technology thrives and CompTIA is the best foundation.

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