Communication technician degrees and certificates are offered by various institutions, at various levels. Persons in this field will be expected to maintain, repair, assemble, diagnose and resolve various glitches in computer systems. They are also trained on networks technologies and advanced systems like Private Branch Exchanges, Voice over I.P and Digital Subscriber Lines among others. Entry requirements vary among various schools but typically, Math, English and Science grades should not be too low. It is a versatile field and it is also possible to pursue post graduate qualifications in an array of specialties after completing a degree in this course.

Professional communication technicians are very busy people. This is obviously because of the high dependence on IT for both work and leisure. Many firms hire technicians on permanent or contractual basis and it is very possible to build a career in this area. It is quite evident that humanity?s appetite for technology will only continue to grow and this is good news for communication technicians. It is therefore a career path that has good present and future prospects making it worth investing in. However, the fairly rapid evolution of gadgets and various technologies will definitely keep technicians on their toes.

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