Much training is required before you should attempt to tackle any of the Cicsco certification exams. Depending on whether you?re aiming for the relatively simple and straightforward Entry-level certification, or whether you?re eyeing the more intimidating Expert level, you should never go into a Cisco certification unprepared. Training is an essential component of the process, genius though you may be. That?s because Cisco certifications test specific skills and knowledge.

The most obvious course of action is to turn to training from Cisco itself. They run the whole examination and certification process after all; naturally, this makes them an authority on the matter of preparation. A visit to the Cisco website will give the future test-taker a whole plethora of options: from online classes, complete with instructors and labs, to tools for self-study and information about live networking events. In addition to targeted training options, the Cisco website also provides more general information about Cisco networks, news, and technology.

Of course, there are other options aplenty. While Cisco earns points on name alone, there are plenty of alternate training courses that are equally reputable, and may perhaps even offer better results. From speed-training online video tutorials to live classrooms, other companies and schools promise that their syllabi and instructors can do the best for you. Regardless of what you end up choosing, the best part is that with Cisco certification so popular, finding some kind of training regimen is never difficult.

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