California is a state unlike another other in the United States, with a wide variety of climates ranging from desert in the south and subtropical on the coast to cool maritime climates further north and mountainous regions inland. This variety of climates and terrain provide a wealth of recreational opportunities from surfing and sailing on the coast, to skiing and snowboarding in the mountains. The state is known for its laidback lifestyle and cutting- edge trends in fashion and pop culture, as well as its many wine growing regions. Entertainment, particularly in the film and music industries, also contributes to a large portion of the state?s economy.

Students graduating from California technical schools have many of the same opportunities as those in other states. According to the California Department of Labor, occupations in health care industries, including nurses, technicians and various support positions, are in demand, as are information technology jobs. The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistic notes that California also has many technical careers associated with agriculture such as agriculture and food science technicians, forest and conservation technicians, and veterinary technicians. Entry-level high-tech jobs in Silicon Valley and similar areas are also available, with associate degrees but additional education is required to move up in these industries.

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