To gain a Bachelor of Science degree in a technical concentration, students generally have to take classes that provide instruction on how to use technological instruments or software. For example, in an information technology program, students often take classes that cover databases, computer programming, and networking. A civil engineering technology program might include such classes as computer-aided design, technical communication for engineering technology, and engineering data analysis. When participating in a technical management program, students may be required to choose specific concentrations such as accounting, finance, technical communication, project management, or business information systems. The exact classes required as part of these programs vary, depending on the concentration chosen.

The available jobs for students who complete a technical Bachelor of Arts degree may include positions in the technology sector, or jobs in other fields where technology can be useful. As an example, a graduate of a technical management program might be equipped to take a job as a human resources manager, an accountant, a marketing consultant, or a salesperson. Some may even be ready to start their own businesses. The demand for corporate managers such as these is fairly consistent. Human resources managers, marketing managers, and sales managers continue to be in demand by various companies. Accountants are also able to find work in many industries, both as employees and as self-employed business owners.

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