Audio technology classes are an exhilarating mix of fun, serious study, and exploration. Though the exact syllabi vary from instructor to instructor and school to school, one thing?s for sure: you?ll never be bored.

That?s because audio technology classes are almost always highly hands-on experiences. While your instructor will certainly conduct examples and lectures in which the students? jobs will be primarily to watch and learn, a good deal of learning comes from jumping straight in and experimenting with the techniques for yourself. Of course, in order to do so, you need a solid working knowledge of how to handle and manipulate the equipment used in audio technology classes. Technology is an indispensable component of the audio technician?s arsenal, and one the main roles of audio technology classes is to make sure its students leave knowing how to handle the most cutting edge equipment being used in the industry. Audio technology classes will expose you to relatively simple items like microphones as well as to complex devices such as sprawling soundboards.

Audio technology classes tend to mix the scientific, technological aspects of the industry with the musical aesthetic. Students will of course need to have a fine ear for what works and what doesn?t, and audio technology classes also strive to hone this ability. Through continuous coursework, the problem of identifying a good mix of sounds layered one atop the other will become second nature.

To succeed in the industry, you need a little bit of everything and a lot of practice. Audio technology classes are the best way to start!

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