Interested in pursuing a career related to Audio Production? The following briefly guides students into choosing the top Audio Production universities.

Interested in pursuing a career in audio production? It is quite difficult to define what are the top Art Schools because, at the end, it will come down to be determined according to what is best for each student. When deciding which school to attend, students consider the location, cost, faculty and even non-academic universities, like sports. There are some things; however, students should be aware of when looking for a good Art School with an audio production program.

The best Art Schools offer broad audio production programs in which students learn about all the crucial aspects about audio production and music recording. The top audio productions universities will prepare students to succeed in the television, radio and music industries. Courses on media, behavioral science, and communication, and specifically on music production should be included in the program. The best audio production courses provide students with the necessary experience to work with computers, digital audio stations, microphones, mixing boards and recording studios. The best sound production courses also teach students to conduct the maintenance of multiple audio equipment, such as, analogy consoles, microphones and taping tools.

Also, is quite beneficial for students to check out that the faculty of the Art School of their choosing has sufficient professional experience in the field of sound production. Another important matter to take into consideration is that the programs are not outdated since the audio and music industries are always in evolution. Students, who want to a career in sound production, should not forget that a top Art School should be accredited and recognized in the television, radio and music industries. Accredited degrees are of paramount importance when looking to enter the work force.

Students might be interested in pursuing an Associated Degree or a Bachelors Degree, but those inclined for the latter should make sure that the Art School offers it. Some excellent Art Schools only offer Associate Degrees. After graduating from a top Art School with an audio production degree, students can choose to work in numerous fields. Some examples are computer animation, web development, advertising, documentaries and news broadcasting. Careers in the sound production field include sound engineering technicians, audio and video equipment technicians, broadcast technicians, mix engineers and music editors among many others.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, professions in the field of sound production are expected to increase during the next decade between 3 to 13 per cent. Audio productions salaries range between $20, 000 and $100, 000. Sound production salaries would depend upon the field of concentration, level of education and years of experience. The Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2010-2011 edition, indicates that the mean annual wage of a Sound Engineering Technician is $54,030. The wages range between $22, 550 and $92, 600. The mean annual wage of an Audio and Video Equipment Technician is $44,460. The salaries range between $22, 880 and $73, 900. Meanwhile, the mean annual wage of a Broadcast Technician is $41,170. The wages range between $18,220 and $72,350.


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