Each major that offers a technical degree in an associate of specialized technology certificate program will require different classes and coursework. For example, the associate in specialized technology training that makes up the respiratory therapy program includes classes such as, medical pharmacology, echocardiogram testing, and cardiopulmonary anatomy. On the other hand, a student who chooses to attend the medical assistant specialist program, in order to receive an associate of specialized technology degree, may take courses such as, healthcare ethics, disease, and medical terminology. Students who choose these technological majors typically take many of their classes in laboratories that contain computing devices or scientific equipment.

In order to make sure that they receive a quality education, it is important for students to choose an accredited institution for their technical degree in associate of specialized technology training. These schools are required to submit their curriculum for examination to the accrediting organization, which means that students can trust that they are receiving a comprehensive education. Graduates who complete these technical degree programs may be able to find work as various technicians, including veterinary technicians, medical assistant technicians, and respiratory therapists. Since technical professions are some of the fastest-growing industries in the U.S., graduates may be able to find work easily after completing school.

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