There are a number of helpful courses students should look forward to taking while enrolled in their associate of science degree program. Some of these courses are general biology; natural sciences and mathematics; fine arts; behavioral sciences; and, general chemistry. Biology courses provide associate of science students with the chance to gain extensive knowledge in subjects like cell biology and ecology (among other unique science-related topics). Natural science and mathematics courses cover interesting subjects involving energy, organic chemistry, and biodiversity. Topics that are covered in fine arts courses range from foreign languages and art to drama and philosophy.

Completing the associate of science course work will significantly increase the chances of a graduate securing employment in one of the professions that require this degree. Those looking to get into the medical field can apply for a position as a medical secretary or medical assistant. Other careers associate of science degree graduates may want to consider are tax examiners, revenue agents, auditing clerks, and payroll and timekeeping clerks. For the best career opportunities, it is recommended to get a degree from a reputable or accredited institution.

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