Students considering attend Arkansas technical schools will have the advantage of warm weather, southern hospitality and the state?s beautiful scenery that includes waterfalls, caverns, diamond mines and the state?s famous hot springs and the Ozark Mountains. Arkansas has 52 state parks with plenty of amenities such as hiking trails, camping sites, cabins, superb fishing and many other outdoor recreational opportunities. The state also boasts a cost of living that is about 15 percent lower than average in the United States thanks to low taxes, utilities, and housing prices. Arkansas has a humid, sub-tropical climate, but experiences temperature extremes that characterize the area’s four distinct seasons.

Classes at Arkansas technical schools can lead to some of state’s most in-demand jobs. As in many other states, healthcare workers are in short supply. Discover Arkansas and the Educational Portal note that occupations such as nurses of all types and home healthcare aides, along with technical positions in respiratory, occupational and physical therapy are some of the most lucrative. Pharmacists, audiologists and health care managers are also in high demand. Following closely are careers in information technology, including computer support specialists, network systems and data communications analysts and computer programmers.

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