Rigorous and specialized training is required in order to acquire an architectural engineering certificate or degree. Depending on the college or university, the course may take up to four years of undergraduate study. Classes will probably include basic course units like general chemistry, calculus, engineering drawing, as well as more advanced units such as analytical mechanics, thermodynamics, and structural analysis. Architectural engineering is a technical field of study, therefore it is important to have solid foundations in mathematics and physics. General entry requirements include a strong SAT particularly in mathematics, or ACT scores of 30 in English and math.

The building and construction industry is a crucial part of any economy helping create numerous jobs. Architectural engineers play a big part in this industry and are hired as consultants, managers, supervisors, technicians and designers of buildings. Professionals in this field also play a major role in the construction and maintenance of buildings. Integrity, safety, and quality cannot be overstated in such a sensitive profession. These standards are maintained by the Engineering Accreditation Commission and the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology. It is therefore very important to select institutions that have been duly accredited to offer architectural engineering courses.

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