One of the biggest advantages for students upon graduation from Alaska technical schools is the state?s viable job market. Many employers will pay prospective employees to move to rural areas to fill some positions. The state of Alaska also pays residents an annual permanent fund dividend once they have lived in the state for two consecutive years and have met other eligibility requirements. The state’s climate is varied, ranging from a maritime zone in the south to frigid tundra in the north. Precipitation also varies, with heavier amounts in the south and only six inches per year in the Arctic. Alaska is great for nature lovers, with millions of acres of wilderness and many hunting, fishing and hiking opportunities.

Alaska?s unique topography and vast coastal areas provide lucrative career opportunities that may not be available in other areas of the United States. The state?s large fishing industry needs workers in the maritime trades. Because of its vast size, transportation is available to certain areas by air only, making aviation a popular choice. As the state?s population continues to grow, many aspects of the construction trades are also in high demand. As is the case with other areas of the country, positions associate with health care, including nurses, therapists and various types of medical technicians are also needed.

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