Individuals considering attending Alabama technical schools should note that the state features hot, humid summers and mild winters with virtually no snow. Metropolitan areas located along the Gulf of Mexico have a mild, coastal climate and allow for recreational opportunities in and around the coastal waters. The cost of living in the state is approximately 10 percent below the national average in the United States, with median home prices at about $115,000. Such favorable factors make Alabama a good choice for those interested in enrolling in technical school courses.

Because Alabama has an aging population, some of whom are northern transplants who want to avoid cold winters, careers in healthcare are in high demand throughout the state. notes that information systems and computer-related careers are also in high demand. According to the Alabama Department of Labor, top career opportunities in the state belong to individuals seeking careers as registered nurses and home healthcare aides. The department also indicates that graduates of technical schools can expect opportunities as veterinary technicians, computer software engineers, network systems and data communications analysts and occupational therapists as these are the state?s fastest growing occupations.

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