For those seeking A+ certificate schools, candidates must first have knowledge of computers and the Windows operating system. Many technical schools offer courses and training for candidates to learn the necessary skills needed to receive an A+ certificate. Two exams are needed to qualify for a certificate, covering the areas of operating systems, hardware, troubleshooting, networks, and security. Passing in these fields shows that candidates have the required knowledge to fix operating systems and can work as an IT-specialist. Once students have shown a competency for basic programming and operating, they will qualify for a degree from their A+ certificate school.

Once a candidate has recieved their certification, they find that many doors open up to them. With hundreds of companies starting up every year, and many more expanding their companies, there are needs for IT-specialists with a knowledge of A+. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for candidates with these talents will only grow in the coming years, so obtaining a degree proves beneficial to anyone, regardless of their talent and experience in the field. Candidates will only grow in their respective fields and can expect to advance rather quickly.

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