Whether you have the talent for dance or acting, love of photography, flair for crafting sculptures, inspiration to put your vision on canvas or passion to wake up the taste buds  with delicious culinary delights, art colleges and universities dedicated to the various art forms are abundant in the Bay Area.  Art classes and courses are accessible throughout the Bay Area with accredited AA, BA, BFA, MA, and MFA degrees along with certificate and continuing art education.

If you live in or around the Bay Area or considering attending an art institute that affords you beautiful surroundings, the California Bay Area is worth looking into. The Bay Area is committed to the art student’s success and offers unparalleled resources such as cable cars, the Golden Gate Bridge, dense fog scenery and steep hills in addition to numerous theaters, museums and galleries that empower your innovation and ideas.  

With its rich cultural diversity and so much to see and do in the Bay Area, it is no wonder so many art students from all walks of life are drawn to the area to begin or continue their art education.  The Bay Area art schools are numerous and offer courses for those seeking careers out of art or design in creative and applied arts, liberal arts to culinary arts.  Regardless of the course of art study you choose whether it is: fashion, graphic design, web design, motion picture and television, interior architecture, culinary or fine arts the Bay Area is overflowing with artistic flair and is the perfect atmosphere for serious artists to improve upon their talents.

Art graduates have infinite career opportunities as instructors, speakers, managers or as a corporate designer to name a few.  Depending upon how far you wish to advance your art education and which direction you plan to go, your occupation possibilities are as boundless as your imagination.  The advent of the internet and its immense popularity has opened up more opportunities and flexibilities to students of art to take their passions and education experiences to new heights and reach businesses and corporations that were once untouchable to art students’. 

The knowledge gained through your Bay Area art school education is unlike any other place imaginable.  The unique culture mix paired with strong community involvement in the arts will have you, as a Bay Area art student; finish with a keen awareness regarding the importance of giving back to your community.  In addition to providing you with a well developed sense of who you are and an intense consciousness of how to put your own emotions, experiences and insights into your art forms, the art classes and courses will give you an innate grasp of art and design principles.  Additionally, art school students receive more credibility with future employers over untrained individuals or the person that attended a traditional college due to the fact that your skills have been verified and you have established that you can work under pressure and still meet deadlines.
Unlike other art disciplines that simply teach theory and practice, Bay Area art schools provide divine resources and teach you how to connect and reach deep within yourself in order to express emotions into great works of art.  


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