Is art your passion, and something you want to pursue as a career? If so, then considering Baltimore art schools is an excellent first step towards achieving that goal. The myriad of course offerings in the city and the storied history of the region are sure to inspire your creative efforts.

Baltimore art colleges offer you the chance to express yourself artistically, while learning technical skills. Whether you’re studying traditional art or the newer field of digital art, up-to-date academic courses are at your disposal. Multi-media platforms combine with current textbook study to give you a well-rounded education. These teach the basics of art right through to the new technologies one can use to realize their visions.

Areas of study that are part of Baltimore art classes include illustration, fine art, portrait and landscape art, as well as oil painting and watercolor painting. As an extension to these offerings are courses in visual arts, photography, art history, graphic design, and animation. Elements you will study run the gamut from airbrush techniques and brush stroke techniques to the study of sketching. They can also include the study of silk screening and stained glass art, among a host of other elements.

You should consider pursuing Baltimore art education if you want to satisfy your artistic bent and advance yourself professionally. Past events in the region, such as the Battle of Baltimore during The War of 1812, and others, are another reason to consider studying in the city. Studying the important history of the area, and understanding the cultural diversity of the city’s neighborhoods will spark artistic concepts and works. The physical environments you study in, with all their nuances, often help spur the creation of quality art.

Partaking of Baltimore art programs prepares you well for your post-study life. Upon graduation from an art course, you will have many career options available. A job as a freelance artist, an art gallery manager, or a role as an art facility administrator awaits you. So do jobs in film, video, and interactive media. There’s the plethora of new websites waiting to inhabit cyberspace that require professional artistic design. Of course, many sites already up and running are in need of re-design from professionals who engage in digital art.

You may decide to earn a designation as an art teacher. Maybe being an art teacher’s assistant is up your alley. Your education can also aid you in landing a position as an art restorer, art dealer, or art researcher. Careers in film animation, graphic design, and as an art historian are also possible. If you enjoy writing, a position as an art journalist or art critic are areas of work you can check out. The technical illustration, textbook illustration, and scenic artist disciplines are also areas that can provide you with opportunities to earn a living in the art field.

Baltimore art schools offer a bonanza of opportunities for fine-tuning your artistic talents. The rich culture of the region and its geographic location as a port city beckon your Muse. Exploring the many art institutions in the city is conducive to furthering your career as an artist.


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