Choosing to further your education is a really big step in anyone’s life. The biggest decision is determining what field or degree you would like to pursue. If you have a flair and understanding for art as well as an interest in industry, then a Bachelor of Industrial Design degree might be worth looking into. Industrial design is a broad field that can be broken down into many different areas of interest.

In general, industrial design is the combination of applied art and applied science to improve the appearance, ergonomics, and usability of various products and tools that may be used in industry. Industrial design links information about technology and visual art with knowledge about people and how they use them. The designer typically creates and executes designs to solve problems with the form, functionality, physical aesthetics, and even occasionally the marketing and branding of various items used in industry. Basically the designer determines the form of a manufactured product, making sure that it fits the people who use it and completes the task or process for which it is intended.

A Bachelor of Industrial Design is valuable in a wide range of interesting and exciting fields. Anything from the automotive industry to toy manufacturing and everything in between is fair game. Getting your Bachelors Degree in industrial design is definitely one way to help you find a career in an area that really interests you. Some specific areas of design in the Bachelor of Industrial Design include appliances, transportation, furniture, tools, electronics, medical instruments, and farm equipment. The list is endless. Anything that uses industrial processes has a need for an industrial designer.

Someone who is pursuing a Bachelor of Industrial Design will obviously take several courses to build his/her knowledge about design, particularly in industrial fields. Some other key skills that this program will help to develop include creative problem solving, improving verbal and written communication skills, computer proficiency, understanding of mechanics and how things work, and the ability to depict concepts and ideas with a quick sketch or explanation.

It is a good idea for anyone pursuing a degree such as a Bachelor of Industrial Design to gain career-related experience before graduating from the program. This could come in the form of a summer job with a company that manufactures products in your area of interest, or even an internship. You probably won’t receive any credit towards your degree for doing this, but you will likely earn some compensation as well as gain valuable experience in your chosen field.

Bachelor of Industrial Design programs are widely available at most colleges and universities. You will also find that many arts-oriented schools as well as many technical schools offer this degree program. You won’t have any difficulty finding a school in your desired area through which you can  obtain your Bachelor of Industrial Design degree. Go ahead and explore your options today to start down an educational path guaranteed to lead to a rewarding career in an exciting field.


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