In the United States, a Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) is an undergraduate degree designed for students who want to pursue a career in the field of visual or performing arts. The program lasts for four years and can be obtained for the purpose of working in the professional fine arts industry or to gain access to graduate level studies in fine arts. 

Bachelor of Fine Arts According to Location

The Bachelor of Fine Arts goes by another name in England and is called Bachelor of Arts. However, this is not the same as the B.F.A. in the United States since the latter focuses on a specialized field in arts. The B.F.A. does not have any focus of study. A degree with the same name in Australia does not include performing arts, but visual arts only. You can get a performing arts degree in subjects like acting, theater, or dance. In other parts of the globe, the degree is called a Bachelor of Creative Arts. 

The Degree in a Nutshell

Bachelor of Fine Arts programs need to be accredited by accreditation boards like the National Association of Schools of Art and Design. Accredited programs focus mainly on art and secondly on general studies. The coursework is designed to prepare students on what to expect in the professional field as artists. In addition, the students are taught how to deal with society’s demands on their chosen profession. The training and educational provisions provided by duly accredited schools offering the degree are challenging and rigorous, but they are made that way to ensure the maximum skill development of each student. During the duration of the coursework, the students will learn art, its theories and its history. 

Specializations within the Arts Field

There are various majors to choose from when deciding to obtain a Bachelor’ of Fine Arts degree. Some schools may only provide programs for basic acting, designs, sculpture and drawing, while others provide a wider base of options. A good school will provide a variety of choices including theater, music, drawing, dance, drama, animation, visual effects, graphic design, metalworking, painting, sculpture, photography, advertising, comic art, creative writing, and many others. Some schools also provide courses that make use of computer-aided design software like 3D-animation and visual effects. 

Career Options

The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree offers a wide array of career options. Graduates often practice their arts privately, but many find employment from businesses involved in design, advertising, animation, and the like. Graduates may work as photographers, video animators, graphic designers, advertising experts, ceramists, interior designers, and visual artists. For those wanting to specialize in certain fields, research the programs that interest you. For example, check out all the schools and colleges in your area that offer photography classes, or interior design programs.

While others go straight to employment or private businesses, others continue their studies by earning a Master’s of Fine Arts degree. Those who finish their master’s often end up as college professors, museum curators, art restorers, art administrators or gallery curators. Getting a master’s degree is not necessary if you want to get into the world of art. However, a higher degree often leads to a more financially rewarding career. 

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