A Bachelor of Design degree provides prospective designers with the practical and theoretical knowledge they require to work in this creative industry. A Bachelor of Design program allows a student to focus on specialist fields such as interior design or product design, enabling them to develop specialist knowledge in these competitive sectors. 

A Bachelor of Design program prepares you for a career as a commercial designer. The program combines practical training with theoretical knowledge of design. As a Bachelor of Design student, you will be taught to be aware of the social, environmental, and industrial implications of your work. The program equips you for a dynamic future in a range of different creative and innovative industries. The Bachelor of Design majors you can choose from typically include interior design, product design, and visual communication design but may vary between universities and colleges.

During the first year of your Bachelor of Design program, you will study design and theory foundation. You will develop your ideas and focus on problem solving techniques. All Bachelor of Design majors focus on providing you with the skills you require to work in industry. During the course of your study, you will be required to undertake an independent design project and prepare a professional portfolio for job prospects. A Bachelor of Design program may include an internship in a design studio in close proximity to the college at which you are studying.

As a full-time Bachelor of Design student, you are likely to attend 14 to 19 hours of scheduled classes per week throughout the college semester. If you desire, you will be able to complete your undergraduate design program over a longer period of time.

If you choose to major in visual communication design, you may find work in the visual design industries once you graduate. In this field of work, skilled and creative graduates may work in areas such as print and corporate design, publishing and packaging, branding, advertising and marketing, television, or digital media.

If you choose to major in interior design, you will be provided with the opportunity to develop the skills required to work in challenging design roles in the retail, hospitality, domestic, and commercial sectors. You may also find work relating to events, exhibitions, and trade shows. Many graduates of Bachelor of Design degree courses who have majored in interior design are able to find work in film and television set design. This major allows you to obtain work in any environment or space which requires a highly developed theoretical and practical understanding of aesthetics, safety, sustainability, and functionality in interior design and development.

If you focus your studies on product design, you will acquire a qualification that will ensure you are sought after in a range of design, production, and manufacturing industries. You may go on to find jobs designing consumer and medical products, lighting fixtures, specialist industry furniture, packaging, environmental graphics, signage, and exhibition and trade show display systems. 

You can further your education by studying for a Master of Design program at a reputable design school of your choosing. This will render your advanced skills and knowledge increasingly attractive to potential employers in the design industry.

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