The Bachelor of Architecture is an essential requirement to becoming an architect. This undergraduate degree is designed to provide students with academic programs and practical training before being taking the exams and registrations necessary to become an architect. The course of study takes a total of five years, but some schools follow the bipartite structure which requires the completion of a three-year general architectural degree. In this case, the Bachelor of Architecture degree is awarded after only two years of study. 

A Prerequisite to Professional Registration and Employment Options:

After completing the Bachelor of Architecture program, you can begin preparing for the licensure exams. Prior to registration, you must pass the professional exams. Failure to pass the exams does not mean the end of your career path however; you can take a refresher course while waiting for the next exam schedule or review on your own. Depending on the state or country you are located, you are allowed to take and pass the exams within a limited time of five years. In some countries, failing the exams 3 times in a row will require you to take a refresher course. 

In order to be considered for licensing, registration boards require a professional degree program duly accredited by an accreditation board. In the USA, the National Architectural Accrediting Board provides the necessary accreditation for architecture programs. The board recognizes two degrees: Bachelor’s of Architecture and Master’s of Architecture. 

Why Get a Bachelor’s Degree?

Becoming an architect requires the completion of a bachelor’s degree as well as a license to practice the profession. Although there are preparatory courses to architecture, this will not ensure an excellent high-paying career in the professional field. In addition, getting a degree from an accredited school ensures that you get the proper training and the latest techniques necessary to becoming a quality, full-pledged architect. A Masters in Architecture is also a good option to take if you want to enhance your skills and degree of specialization in any architectural field. 

Skills and Coursework Included in the program:

A Bachelor of Architecture program may include courses including Basic and Advance Design and Research, Architectural Data Systems, Visual Communications, Architectural History, Architectural Building Materials, Professional Practice, Integrated Building Systems, and Environmental Control Systems. During the length of the coursework, students are trained to create designs, drafts, and become experts at structural science. 

Career Outlook:

Careers in architecture have been shown to grow faster than other occupation through 2018, according to study projections. Since getting prospective jobs in major firms is challenging, getting a good career-related job or experience while in college is definitely an advantage. Those who train to become proficient in CADD and ACAD technology have an excellent advantage as well. Architectural skills are required all over the world, especially in developed countries. While it is a good option to look for jobs locally, it is best to keep your options open to opportunities abroad. 

Pay Scale for Architects:

A Bachelor of Architecture degree offers superb financial promise. The average annual earnings for an architect were $72,700 in 2009. Recent graduates are usually paid less. However, those who go out to practice privately after gaining sufficient experience can generate more than the projected annual income.


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