Why head to Austin for photography? Why not!

The Wild West has long captured the hearts and imaginations of people around the world; Austin, Texas and its surrounding areas still seem to embody that wild, free spirit. So, for those looking to start a career in photography, they’re guaranteed to find not just one of the best schools in the country, but no shortage of beautifully romantic Western scenery to shoot.

The Art Institute of Austin is a branch of the Art Institute of Houston. Nestled in a city whose motto proudly proclaims it to be devoted to the weird and the innovative, the art institute isn’t just for those interested in photography – there are also a number of programs devoted to the culinary arts, graphic design, media arts and fashion. The variety allows students to dabble; even if they’re not there to learn how to create culinary masterpieces, they’re bound to find someone more than happy to allow them to take their photography to a whole new level, with one-of-a-kind creations and unique subjects.

The institute also boasts an extensive program that not only teaches students the techniques of creating beautiful photographs, but also how to reach out to their audience. Even the most technically perfect photograph is useless if it doesn’t move those who are looking at it, and the institute – as its name suggests – promises to give students an in-depth look at the art behind the photograph, from choosing subjects, positioning, and capturing those moments that can move people for generations to come.

The technical aspects are in there as well; from proper lighting, frame rates, and lenses, it’s all in there.

The institute goes yet one step further. Not content to just prepare its students with the basic background knowledge, they also offer services that will help students find their careers. Many of the classes offered at the institute are geared toward opening doors and helping students find their niche.

These classes are required for completing the program, giving students a unique opportunity to experience different types of photography that they might not even have considered before.

Photojournalism teaches students not just about how to set up a shot, but how to gather information, choose their topics, and will allow them to make their own magazine and print media layouts. Editorial photography is something we’re all familiar with, but many might not know what it’s called. It’s the art of photography for advertising, and of learning to catch people in those candid moments that prove a picture is worth a thousand words. Portraiture photography teaches students how to capture the emotions of a single subject, whereas Location Photography is just as it sounds – a photography class based around shooting scenery, including legalities and permits that might be required.

Their course schedule is a complete one, and even includes a business class that is specifically tailored to running a photography business. That business aspect is a vitally important one, and one that’s often overlooked.

So why Austin for photography? A complete class schedule, unique opportunities to explore different types of photography, and even a guiding hand to help point students in the right direction once they are out of school. And it’s all surrounded by the beautiful, wild deserts of Texas – what better place to practice location and scenic photography.

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