The city of Austin is the fourth largest in the state, located in Travis County.  The art museums in Austin are community-oriented, offer a unique experience about the history, character and culture.  They offer hands-on education programs about art to the general public.  Austin has a few schools that offer great programs to individuals looking to further their education in Interior Design.  It’s a very fun, interesting, fascinating program to further your education and career.
An Interior Design School offers a degree program that encourages students to bring out their creative side.  It draws attention from individuals whom would like to express through their designs how they improve the quality of life.  The different courses teach about the basic history, fundamentals, and types of art.  Students are taught in a hands-on environment, they use the most up to date equipment and technology.  This program teaches many traditional skills along with computerized-design skills.  Students are taught how to design safe, functional interiors that are pleasing and enhance people activity. Students learn to put together a portfolio of their works to show potential employers looking for new talent.  Also teach students ways in which art impacts the lives of people everyday.    
There are many career opportunities that progress with having a degree.  The programs offered at Austin Interior Design Schools will help students work towards getting an entry level job.  Studying Interior Design can result in a career as an interior decorator, space planner, drafts-person, residential design, interior design, commercial designer, consultant, etc.  

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