Austin Industrial Design School’s students graduate with both the knowledge and ability necessary to shape the current market’s hottest products; graduates regulary leave our school with secured jobs in Industry Leading firms.

In today’s competitive market of Industrial Design, graduating from a school with a preeminent design program is a necessity. Austin Industrial Design School’s leading program consistently produces leaders in the Industrial Design industry.  Austin Industrial Design School’s students graduate with both the knowledge and ability necessary to shape the current market’s hottest products. Our graduates regularly leave our school having successfully secured jobs with Industry Leading Firms such as Hasbro, Black and Decker, Camelback, BMW and more.

Are you interested in learning how to harness your fantastic ideas and put them to work in the areas such as product design, toy design, furniture design and transportation/automotive design?

At Austin Industrial Design Schools you will learn not only the technical skills necessary to create and design your own product, but how to make an existing one better. Come and enjoy learning in our state of the art facility; our computer labs are equipped with the leading edge in 3D technology. Once your design is completed your ideas will come to life in our workshops which house the latest in tools and production materials. Austin Industrial Design Schools believes in giving our students everything they need to work with; by eliminating road blocks in the production area, students are able to actualize their dreams to the fullest extent.

The teachers at Austin Industrial Design Schools have been instrumental in creating the most successful products in their field; specializing in product design, toy design, furniture design and transportation/ automotive design.  Their passion for physically creating what is in the mind is contagious.

The newly designed Barrish Center, home of programs such as photography, interior design and fashion design, plays host to regularly scheduled seminars and workshops. These seminars and workshops are conducted by top leaders in the industry.  This approach gives our students an opportunity to hear and experience what it is like in the real world of Industrial Design; the latest techniques, designs as well as some of the realities our guests face out in the industry. Keeping our students and faculty abreast of the current industry realities keeps our school and our graduates top in their field.

Austin Industrial Design Schools are dedicated to seeing their graduates succeed.
The Hartman career Center helps students with internships throughout their final year. Each student has a career advisor who they meet with on a bi-weekly basis. Getting hands on experience prepares students for their upcoming careers helping them not only find the right avenue for their future but also helping them get their foot in the door with leading firms. We have found this one-on-one approach absolutely invaluable to our graduates, putting them a step ahead of the competition.

Austin Industrial Design Schools are top in their field. Our multi-faceted program creates leaders in the Industrial Design world, we support our graduates helping them get to where they want to go. We can confidently say that with the knowledge that they have received, they have been given every tool available to succeed in their field.
Give yourself the best foundation you can to jump into your new life in Industrial Design, Austin Industrial Design Schools.


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