Envision a world where thoughts come to life, apply to the Austin Game Design School if you dare! The college newly opened in early 2007; following a number of awards proudly handed to the founders of the college for their finest achievements in the gaming world. 

How well do you think a gaming college can do when its main focus is to develop dreamers into accomplishing heroes? Have you ever felt stumbled at a brick wall when creating your masterpiece? Suddenly realizing you need more guidance on how to turn a simple 2D image into a full blown rendered 3D object.

The Austin Game Design School is honored by being located in a state which is considered to be the major center for technology in the capital of the Texas, United States. Being based in the city, it certainly envelops many opportunities just waiting to be opened up.

Why earn a degree to become a game developer?

Experts maintain that while you can carve your career in gaming without a qualification, it will most likely be a lengthy process not to mention the disappointments along the way. The primary benefit of attending a Gaming college is that you’ll be surrounded by like-minded individuals who are likely to provide you with a large network into the gaming industry. The Austin Game Design School only employs highly screened instructors who possess hands-on industry based experience, and thus, know exactly what employers look for in potential candidates.

Throughout its’ past year in operation, the Austin Game Design College recorded a whopping statistic of 92% of all graduates landing a job first year out of university. Their reviews indicated that practical experience in college particularly aided their approval for many positions in the job world. A job in game design can entail anything from being a video game developer, game designer, or 3D animator. The options are limitless.

Therefore college does not only provide students with continual academic feedback and guidance, it also implements the use of the most up to date software programs for importing high quality graphics needed to fashion any project, 3D Studio Max, Photoshop, Maya Autodesk, Sketch up pro, Truespace, Swift 3D, Illustrator, Macromedia Fireworks, and Dreamweaver just to name a few. When the economy takes a substantial dive, the options are limitless in a business with thriving expectations like the video gaming industry. Countless professionals have graduated from the Austin Game Design School only to land contracts with booming industries ranging from graphic design, Game design, Photography, Illustration, Fashion Design, Interior design, and many more. Thus, considering the software knowledge you’ve gained, the qualification does not only bring you insight into the world of video game consoles, but opens doors into other viable artistic career pathways.

A decade ago, a video game developer would not have been the ultimate career choice, particularly fearing the unknown within the industry. Over the years, the entertainment industry proved to be the one that wasn’t significantly rattled by the credit crunch, and at present, appears more promising than ever. 

So don’t just dream; get in line for the ultimate ride of your life!


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