Many students are taking advantage of Film Connection to start their film career

Let’s face it, for most of us, peering up at the huge images of today’s movie stars is only possible because a lot of people, not just the actors, have put a lot of hard effort into bringing that final product to the screen. It is not all about the glamour, but the film industry has many rewarding and exciting opportunities to offer behind the camera.

Choosing where to study at Film School has never been easier than now thanks to the Austin Film School’s Film Connection program. With locations throughout the USA and Canada and an on-line registration service, students can sign up immediately to one of a number of key film related courses – Producing, Writing, Directing, Acting and Editing – that allow for a well rounded education and a valuable start to their career among the stars.

Apart from over twenty five years experience of delivering this kind of training, what gives the Film Connection its winning edge over other film schools is their unique mentoring approach. Highly beneficial is the one to one relationship each student has with a professional who is still working in the industry. Whilst they will deliver a structured course, they will be able to call on their many years of experience within the industry to add the unique insight and knowledge that sets these programs apart from other film schools. Students benefit from being mentored on a one to one basis and in addition, can choose to fit the lessons around their own schedule, so they don’t have to give up work or other school commitments to complete the course.

The Austin Film School’s headquarters are based in Hollywood, but, as they will tell you, their campus is wherever the student needs it to be. That could be a real film set or a film or production facility located close to their home. From these locations, the school will set students up and assist their search for new roles during and after the education program. They are able to do this because the Film Connection program has links to real working film units who are constantly on the lookout for high quality apprentices. Where other more ‘normal’ Film Schools will teach the basics, they often only prepare the student for the next job interview or at best a job at the very bottom of the rung, with more learning ahead. The Film

Connection program almost guarantees immediate and rewarding work within the students chosen field.
Of course, none of this is free. However, once again the school provides support. The fee, $7750 ($8450 for the acting course) is all inclusive and there are no nasty post course surprises or supplements. There are a range of flexible payment models to suit all budgets and credit histories and the school will help find the best package for students without any extra charge. Compared with the $20000 to $150000 students may find themselves spending at other film schools, many may think this is a great opportunity to become the next Spielberg or Tarantino.


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