Find Your Way to Austin Advertising Schools

Austin, Texas, has fine schools offering degrees in the fine arts, including advertising as a career goal. Locate Austin Advertising Schools at five major universities in the Greater Austin Area.

Travel the I-35 North in Texas and soon you will reach Austin, best known as the capital of the great state of Texas, is home to the main campus of the University Of Texas (UT), a school where a student can earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in advertising and design. With an extensive and comprehensive program in the field of design, this choice can allow a graduate to move into any facet of advertising, including graphic design, analog or digital animation, commercial art, gaming design, or illustration.

Six other schools, four-year colleges and universities and a community college in the Greater Austin area offer matriculation toward a degree in advertising. Texas State University (TSU), San Marcos, has a program that offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in Advertising, Mass Communication or a BFA in Communication Design. Any of the courses in these two programs can lead to a career in advertising.

Not interested in being a “Longhorn” or a “Bobcat?” You can attend other Austin schools that offer curricula in advertising. There is Southwestern University, in the suburb of Georgetown. Communication Studies is a major on this campus where the programs offered may not be as specific to advertising as those available at UT and TSU, but offer a more academic approach to the field of communication. However, in the Art and Art History majors, students are encouraged to pursue independent studies and research in both junior and senior years, as well as to take advantage of study abroad programs and internships where advertising may be pursued.

St. Edward’s University and Concordia University, Austin, are two private, Catholic schools, which also offer degrees in marketing/advertising. St. Edward’s provides a program to earn a Bachelor of Business Administration, a rare degree in undergraduate programs. Concordia’s advertising programs are included in the Department of Communication where a major can lead to an advertising career after attending this school.

Hutson-Tillotson University also studies in Communication and Fine Arts, with concentrations in writing, visual storytelling or photojournalism, and print media, publication design and production, all able to school someone in the art of advertising

Other Austin schools which offer advertising as an area of interest or concentration are DeVry University and the University of Phoenix. DeVry University has a campus in Austin, just one of many campuses nationwide for this school, which advertises both Associate and Bachelor degrees in Media Arts and Technology. This school allows a student to work at a full-time job while earning a degree with an extensive online program. University of Phoenix also has nationwide appeal as an online school, with minimal requirement for in-person, campus appearances.

Austin Community College offers programs in advertising within its Department of Marketing and Fashion Marketing. At this two-year school students major in preparatory courses for entry to any major university.

Austin, Texas, a city known more for its rodeos, barbecue, and the famous UT Tower is also a viable location for one to earn a degree at universities of academic renown and have a career in the exciting field of advertising.

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