Interested in music? Why not enrol in once of our audio production schools where you can realise your musical ambitions.

If you enjoy making, recording or mixing music, why not enrol at one of many audio production schools where you will learn everything you need to make it big in the music, film or television industries.

In one of our world recognized audio production schools you will be able to enhance a number of your skills, such as, audio production, engineering and mixing tunes. You can even start from scratch, and go down a previously unexplored musical route or enhance your already vibrant portfolio.  The choices are limitless.

At each audio production school, the programs are diverse in their areas of study, and provide you with all the tools you need to succeed in the music industry. We also take time to involve you in the science behind the music, so you have a complete understanding of the techniques being passed on. To help aid your development, all the modern sound and production practices are taught using our state of the art facilities, so you will have the best foundation with which to start your production career. Each program is taught through practical classes, theory classes and computer based learning, so you have a wide spectrum of experience from which to draw that inner passion.

If you are into music, love recording or even mixing your own tunes, our audio production schools are just what you have been looking for.  We can offer programs that support the development of audio production in film, television, radio, video games and even in the art world. Whether it is audio dubbing, mixing or engineering, we have the course for you. For those of you who want to channel your passion for music audio production we can help hone your talents and enrich your musical tapestry allowing you further dexterity in your art. We can also provide a number of contacts that will assist you throughout your studies and can even offer sound advice when it comes to the right career choices.

As the day appraoches you will wonder what to do with your new found freedom and audio production skills. There are a variety of avenues which can be trodden, in a number of industires. You could become an audio engineer for a huge rock star producing their next hit record, or produce that haunting soundtrack for the new Steven Spielberg move. New industries also have opportunities, such as video games, where Grand Theft Auto took off with its spectacular audio soundtrack, you can follow suit and become part of the next hit game. Find a career in television or radio. Ever wondered where all those sound effects come from? That’s right … from you!  Even if you want to make your own music, you will have the necessary tools, given by one of our audio production schools that will enable you to not just hear the music, but listen to it and make it.

What are you waiting for? Enrol in one of the programs now and make the most of your musical ability at one of these acceredited audio production schools.

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