Does a career involving music and sound technology in which you visualize and create audio recordings appeal to you?  This evolving industry of multimedia arts and audio production needs people to fill such positions as music editor, radio producer, sound designer, boom operator, audio engineer, television production engineer, post-production editor and more positions.  There are multiple music and sound production programs available, and the music scene in Seattle, Washington makes it an ideal place to enroll in an audio production school.

You should be aware that Seattle is roaring with music venues and hosts many events and festivals throughout the year.  In January, the city hosts “Jazz in January,” and in March, “The Seattle Young Artists Music Festival” takes place.  During the summer months, the “West Seattle Summerfest” takes place as well as the “Seattle Music Fest” and “BrasilFest.”  Each month boasts more than one music event, so what better location than Seattle to experience audio production in practice?

Seattle is home to many audio production schools.  The SAE Institute offers an Audio Engineer Program, and The International Academy of Design and Technology offers a Digital Media Production Program.  The Art Institute of Seattle also offers an Audio Production Program.  As an alternative to a traditional school, The Recording Connection Audio Institute offers an Audio Engineering Program where the classroom is an actual recording studio in your town or city.  Whatever your preference, a learning forum exists for your individual needs.

In an Audio Production Program, you will actually record, mix and produce audio.  You will study live sound reproduction, audio for video, and audio recording as well as broadcast production.  This will prepare you for jobs in audio production such as for a sound or audio engineer, radio producer, sound technician, or music promoter. And, at the SAE Institute, the students will complete approximately 31 lab projects during the Audio Technology courses.  These include such projects as multiple recording and mixing projects, sampling, remixing, surround sound music mix, etc.  This school actually focuses on individual studio time and guarantees 360 studio hours in the Audio Technology Program. You may log more hours if you wish! Their philosophy is hands-on and practical training in audio technology.  Some SAE Graduates are responsible for the sound recordings of such well-known people and groups as Beyonce, Bjork, ‘N Sync, R.E.M. and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

In the Audio Engineering Program at the Recording Connection Audio Institute, you will gain real studio experience, and this alternative also costs less than the other audio production schools in the Seattle area.  In such a practical setting, you may even learn “hands-on” how to mix a CD for a studio’s client and be a working part of the technology of which you are learning.        

Audio production schools such as these may lead you to a career in the fast-paced arena of motion pictures, broadcast television, radio stations, computer animation, gaming, or independent production studios.  If music and sound production is your passion, enrolling in a Seattle audio production school may be the ideal move for you!  


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