In today’s age of technology, audio production is recognized as one of the most important, most sought after, and most profitable specialization. Everything you see on TV, everything you hear on the radio, everything you listen to on your iPod or on your car stereo, has benefited from the expertise of one or more audio production specialists. It is one of today’s most dominating industries, which means that there are numerous openings for permanent or temporary employment in the field.

Pittsburgh is proud to be the home of a few audio production schools that are highly regarded and recognized around the country, schools that have prepared some of today’s most talented and most successful audio production specialists. Individuals that study at these schools have taken the first practical step in making their career dreams come true. It is not enough to be passionate about audio production, it is not enough to have some experience: men and women of all ages and backgrounds that are serious about their audio production careers must get the right education and the right credentials, and this is where audio production schools in Pittsburgh come into the picture. Upon completion of the school program, individuals can move on to apply for positions such as sound engineer, sound editor, internet sound engineer, live broadcast sound specialist, sound crew member, and lots more. With the newly acquired tools, each person will be sure to have access to the best positions and projects in the field of audio production.

The new connections provided by the staff at the schools, as well as with the help provided by the placement office at the schools, each graduate will increase his or her chance to locate and secure the best positions that are currently available. At Pittsburgh schools of audio production you will find well equipped classrooms and labs, up to date equipment, the best study materials and literature on the subject, and everything else you need to ensure a positive and productive learning experience.

Classes are long enough time-wise and never too crowded, so that each student can receive the much needed personal attention from the staff. From the office workers to the counselors, from the job-placement personnel to the financial-aid advisors, every member of the staff works in unity to help all students with any need they may have. The teachers at Pittsburgh audio production schools are the best the field has to offer. Many of them have written important literature on the subject of audio production, and all of them have an extensive portfolio of accomplishments the schools are very proud of. When you study with these teachers you improve your chances to be very successful in the field.

All individuals that are passionate about audio production, all men and women that want to pursue a quality career in this field, are welcome at Pittsburgh schools that offer this field of study. People of different ages and of different cultural backgrounds have studied here and have already become successful.

Making a living doing what you love, generating a great income, working with a flexible schedule, getting to meet highly accomplished artists as you work with and for them, are just a few reasons why you should consider a program of study at Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh schools of audio production have a seat saved just for you!


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