We all have our favorite musical acts. But it takes more to make a recording or give a show than just the musicians. There are all sorts of professionals behind the scenes that make the music industry work. If you live in Atlanta and would like to be an audio production professional, there are audio production schools in Atlanta where you can get the education you need to make that possible.

Does this sound interesting, but you aren’t sure exactly what you would do? Here are some of the things that audio production professionals do. For one, they manage artists, tour promotions, and marketing campaigns. They also make the artists sound great with excellent music quality. Audio production professionals might also work on contract negotiations, royalty examinations, and music rights. If you study at an audio production school in Atlanta, you could be part of an artist’s entourage.

The University of Georgia and Georgia Institute of Technology are two of the audio production schools in Atlanta which offer degrees in audio production. You will need a background in music if you choose the University of Georgia. The degree offered is a Bachelor of Music in music recording technology, and it is balanced between production and performance. The school also offers internships with the many music studios in Atlanta.

The Georgia Institute of Technology also requires students to have a musical background. They offer a Master of Science in music technology. This is an extension of the computer science program but is also creative. It allows students to innovate and explore musical instruments and engineering technology. You can choose to concentrate in computer music research or engineering. Obviously, if you are seeking a master’s degree, you must first complete the requirements for a bachelor’s. But if you are serious about the technical side of audio production, this may be the path for you.

Once you have one of these degrees, you will not be limited to just appreciating the music as an audience member, but will have the training to really affect the quality of music. You might be the person who figures out how to enhance a singer’s voice or integrate the different instruments into a song. You might be able to configure the sound for a concert hall. You could be involved in the promotional aspect of music, letting people know about the artists and their sounds.

Audio production schools in Atlanta usually offer campus-based courses, and it is true that most online schools do not offer this course of study. However, if you are one of the growing number of potential students who want or need to do online study work, there are options. You will need to be very comfortable with computers as the courses tend to be quite technical. These courses prepare you for a career as a sound engineer, which is a growing field. It is also possible to get a master’s degree online to prepare you for careers in teaching, music directing, and composing.


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