You have finally decided you want to work behind the scenes in a studio somewhere or possibly out in the field doing what you love, Audio Production.  Deciding was the hard part.  Now you have to choose a school.  Ask yourself the five W’s.  Who?  What?  Where?  When and Why? Let these questions be you guidlines in choosing your school.  Each question will help you get the details you need in order to find the college that is the perfect fit for you.


Who will teach me?  You want your teachers to have experience and your school to have a stellar reputation.  Find out who graduated from the schools you have chosen in your top ten list.  Who can tell you what courses are the most beneficial when working in the field of Audio Production?  Lastly, who are the employers that are recommending what Audio Production schools are the best in the industry.


What are the best colleges out there for Audio Production?  What technology does the school offer to equip me with the training I need in order to get the job I want in Audio Production? What is the cost?  What financial aid is offered?  What about internships?  What will I be learning that will help me get a job and what else does the school offer that I like?  What classes am I required to take?  What is the job placement percentage of students who have already graduated from this particular school?  What degrees or certificates are offered at this school?  What can I expect to earn in the field of Audio Production? What size school is the better choice?  What will a bigger school offer in Audio Proudiction as opposed to a smaller school?


Where will I go to school? Where will I do an internship?  Where are the jobs for my particular degree or certificate? 


When should I do orientations at different colleges?  When should I start investigating the details of the schools on my top ten list?  When is the best time to start going to college?  When can I expect to finish school?  When will I find a job? 


Why do I like what the school offers?  Why are these classes and extra curricular activities important to me?

Now it’s time to get answers.  Think of anyone you know that is in Audio Production or perhaps find out who went to the schools on you top ten list.  Check the internet or talk to professors, if possible, or other people attending the schools.  You can never ask too many questions.  List the pros for each school you like and list the cons.

Compare your lists and then narrow it down to the top five.  Ask yourself one last time if there are anymore pros or cons for the top five you picked.  Compare and then narrow down the list to three colleges.  Give yourself adequate time to think about your choices.  Once there is clarity and the school meets your criteria, pick up a pen and apply to all three schools.

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