Garnering a degree in audio production can position a person for a career filled with exciting opportunities in a highly creative industry.  People interested in audio production careers usually have a passion for both music and technology.  Graduates of audio production programs can go into careers producing sound for film, music, videos, and television.

There are various ways to prepare for an audio production career.  Arming yourself with an audio production degree is a great way to jumpstart your career.  But, there are other ways to hone your craft.  Purchasing music recording equipment and trying your hand at creating music yourself provides valuable experience.  Listening to various styles and genres of music and familiarizing yourself with how the music is created is great, too.

 A degree in audio production includes preparation and study in music theory, electronics, audio technique, and audio repair and maintenance.  Programs vary, but a student armed with an audio production degree will have a great understanding of the techniques behind producing sound for a variety of entertainment industries.  Top audio production programs include The Art Institutes, Everest University, and University of Phoenix.  When researching top audio production programs, consider the area of audio production that you want to specialize in, and look for schools that have a strong alumni base in those fields.

Salaries for audio producers vary, depending on what field of audio production you enter into.  The median salary for audio producers is around $32,570.  The range can be anywhere from around $19,000 to $75,000.  Audio producers with a degree are more likely to advance and gain prestigious clients, thereby resulting in a higher salary.  They also receive promotions at a higher rate than non-degreed audio producers. 

If you want to find entry-level work as an audio producer, looking for jobs in small towns and cites will be a great way to gain a foot in the door.  Competition for audio production jobs can be fierce in major cities, so you have a better chance of gaining professional experience outside of major cities.  The professional possibilities are wide and varied, from music publishing and sound system installation to record production and audio production consulting.  Other exciting career opportunities include being an audio engineer, radio producer, sound technician, and sound engineer.

Job growth is expected to increase as more companies seek to utilize television and other media to market their products, resulting in the need for more audio and video personnel.  So, if you have a passion for music and technology, and you want a career that allows you to showcase your expertise with sound and technology, then audio production is the career for you.  The job demand is good, and the salary is promising.  The average entry-level audio production graduate can expect to earn at least around $36,000.  The greater your expertise, the greater chance you have of gaining a higher salary.  Start your career path today, and find a school that caters to your strengths.  Use your spare time to gain as much experience as you can as an audio producer, whether it’s tinkering around with recording equipment, or interning at a radio station to learn radio production.  Every experience you gain can be used to leverage yourself into a high paying and rewarding audio production career.

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