Information on audio production programs, what to use them for, and ways to begin breaking into an audio production career.

Audio Production Programs are used to modify and produce both compressed and uncompressed digital audio files, and are available for many different computer operating systems, for users from professional to private.  Programs like Garage Band© and Acoustica©  are based for private users, while programs like Pro Tools© have entire classes dedicated to learning the proper application of all their features.  Once you’ve mastered an audio production program, however, the applications are wide open.

A private user of audio production programs might use it to record themselves playing their favorite instruments, and then to change the pitch of notes, or to increase the tempo without changing the pitch.   You can also add prerecorded affects to your music in layers including other instruments, audio programs can be used as a drum machine, to mix pre recorded sounds to create all new music, to refine the volume and audio affects on videos for uploading, or to create your own podcasts for friends and family to enjoy!

Professional audio producers work in a variety of fields, in a career that has proven to be nearly recession proof, a cursory search can provide over a thousand unique opportunities.  Audio engineer, Music editor, Radio producer, and Sound designer are some of the titles of these professionals working on media such as TV, Video games, and within the music industry in general.

If you’re interested in a career in audio production, but have no idea where to start try listening to a lot music in large varieties, and thinking about how it was altered between the musicians and the recording.  Refine your tastes and opinions by talking to your local studios, watching local bands, try writing to producers and engineers, ask lots of questions and prepare them in advance. Ask a band what it was like to be in the studio, ask if you can visit them in the studio next time, try to develop relationships with people in the audio production field already.

Audio production is geared toward individuals with an active mind, imagination, and of course a love of sound and music.  When choosing an Audio production school it’s important to look at many different options and cross compare.  Some schools offer convenience or low cost, while others offer sterling reputations and post-graduate job placement services, make sure you request information from many different schools, as nearly all offer free brochures, and there representatives are more than happy to answer any additional questions.  When considering online schooling you should recognize the fact that certain employers look at these degrees as second class, but you can also begin your training at an online institute, and in most cases be able to transfer credits, or test out of courses, this can save your time and money!

Whether you just want everyone at school to hear your band’s awesome new tracks, or you dream of having a million people rocking out to the song that you adjust the balance of, or you just want the adorable video of your kids you’re posting on the internet to have louder speaking, audio production software can help you get there.

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