Sound is a medium in which people use to communicate. Having to reproduce them to be used in various fields can lead to a healthy career. The Audio Production job description is mainly focused in the execution of sound. Audio engineering is the science of recording and reproduction of sound through electronics. The aspect covers acoustics, psychoacoustics, music and even electrical engineering.

The Audio Production job description covers many professional branches in which many careers differ. There may be specific education to some career options but most of the time; schools offer a degree in audio production or a bachelor in Music Degree. The audio production job description has many sub-categories but will likely lead to a productive career in the future.

There is the studio engineer in which produces sounds on a studio, the highlight of the audio production job description. The Recording Engineer is the one that records the sound. There is the Mixing Engineer in which mixes tracks of music and recorded at a studio and can also be mixed by other Engineers in other studios.

A Mastering Engineers’ task is to mix the final stereo tracks that the Mix Engineer produces. The Master Engineer has ability to finalize and adjust the sound as they see fit. They use the equalization and compression of sounds and adjust the color of the sound.

Next is the Game Audio Designer, they deal with the sound effects of the game and actively participate in the overall development of the game. Although this also falls in other branches of audio production, they are specific as the gaming industry is a huge market and therefore can have a Game Audio Designer.

A Live Sound Engineer focuses on the live sound reinforcement. From the installation of speakers, cables, mixing sound while the show is in progress, they usually are the planner of the sound scheme during a live show.

The Foldback Engineer sometimes referred to as the monitor engineer in which they run the foldback sound during a live event. They monitor the audio to what the audience hears. They have their own mixing consoles in which recently all of their equipment is familiar with a wireless or radio frequency option.

Another Audio Reproduction job is the Systems Engineer in which they are responsible for the public address system. In which also referred to as the crew chief and has the job of working with the front of house audio system. These can be the common audio production job description to many but as there are varied specializations, it is always a highly demanded job especially to populated places all over the world.

Lastly, the Audio Post Engineer is responsible in handling audio from film and television.

The audio production job description of any field can easily help aspiring students to focus on their prospective fields. As there can also be other fields of specialization such as game designer can also be a game audio designer. The options can be endless to most people as sound is always in demand for recordings and live events at any time of the year.

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