If you are looking for Audio Production classes in Florida we have compiled a comprehensive list of courses from schools across the area. Feel free to browse these Audio Production classes in FL and search for schools to request information:

Digital Media Arts College

The Special Effects Animation graduate program at Digital Media Arts College specializes in high-concept, digital visual effects such as advanced 3d modeling and animation, video and audio editing, character animation, CG programming (MEL scripting), and motion capture with the facility’s chroma key green wall. Maya’s system of tools for simulating object behavior based on realistic physics computations are explored and animations of visual effects such as smoke, fire, and other particle systems are rendered.

CG 5020 Video Editing & Audio for Electronic Media

This course provides a solid technical and aesthetic foundation in video post-production for CG students. It concentrates on the issues of shot succession, timing, action, and sound/image relations as an aid to general postproduction skills and revisualization of computer animation. The course covers the essential elements of linear and non-linear systems, as well as general ecology of production and post-production in a rapidly changing field. Students learn to incorporate audio into various electronic media such as CD-ROM, World-Wide-Web, computer animation, and digital video. Technical issues covered include the physical properties of sound, methods and tools of sound recording, music and audio terminology, and the use of analog and electronic musical instruments. Aesthetic issues are also considered. The class acquaints students with concepts of layers in 2D and 3D space, tracking basic terminologies, functionalities of digital editing software’s components, and processes of editing, compositing, and tracking. From this foundation, students move on to experimenting with different perspectives, creating and editing expressions, editing masks, defining parent-child relationships between layers, and animating lights and cameras. Toward the end of the course, students apply the skills acquired from the class to creating 2D, 3D and CG effects and building up their own sophisticated spaces. This course contains a lab component.

GE 2020 Basic Physics

The fundamental laws and phenomena of procedure, fluids, heat, motion, and sound, stressing a complete understanding of the physical theory are covered in this basic physics course.

Full Sail University

In Full Sail’s recording arts program, you’ll learn techniques and concepts that will help you be a well-rounded audio professional. From songwriting, music development, and vocal production techniques to the strategies that make for quality productions and arrangements, you’ll learn a full range of audio production tools and techniques that allow you to be more successful in your audio career.

REC 4315 Advanced Audio Postproduction

The Advanced Audio Postproduction Course provides students with an advanced view of the process of audio postproduction for feature film and television. This course focuses on the creative development of audio postproduction elements, such as sound effect design, music editing, dialogue editing, and the final mixing process. The final mix of a film or television soundtrack requires many different sound layers; this course specifically examines each one of these elements while engineering the finished product.

REC 4735 Advanced Session Recording

The Advanced Session Recording Course provides extensive education in the theory, philosophy, and practice of contemporary music production in world class studio facilities. Emphasis is placed on how to conduct a music session and how to work with a band in a studio setting. Additional topics of study include studio signal flow, recording techniques, and synchronization. Students utilize current audio recording technology for advanced studies in order to gain expertise in the art and science of music production.

REC 2513 Critical Listening

The Critical Listening Course focuses on developing critical listening skills through an engineering perspective that uses recorded music from studio sessions, live concert material, and audio postproduction mixes as the subject of analysis. Course topics include psychoacoustics of various audio environments, critical listening and the identification of engineering techniques such as balance, panning, EQ, reverb, compression, delay, and time based effects, and instrument identification. Students also hone their critical listening skills by examining stylistic comparisons of engineering and mix techniques from several accomplished producers, studio engineers, and live engineers.

International Academy of Design and Technology

The Audio Production program has been designed to develop advanced techniques in recording, mixing and mastering. Principles of MIDI, synthesis and sound design for CD production, film and video production will be addressed. The program introduces current trends in analog and digital audio production as they apply to studio recording, sound reinforcement and electronic music. Opportunities to compose, perform and record music are integrated into the program.

AUDIO 110 Digital Audio Specifications

This course introduces students to the industry standards of digital audio specifications. Topics include files types, compression, codecs and recording media.

AUDIO 225 Audio Recording Techniques

This course focuses on audio recording techniques, including microphone placement, proper gain stages, proper equalization and frequency balancing. The class will explore the field of audio engineering and production, including the fundamentals of compression, effects, and digital audio processing.

AUDIO 235 Music Design and Synthesis

The course offers in-depth information on the world of modern music production and composition. Fundamentals of synthesis and the processing of sound using oscillators, filters, and other basic audio devices are among the topics covered.

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