If you are looking for Audio Production classes in California we have compiled a comprehensive list of courses from schools across the area. Feel free to browse these Audio Production classes in CA and search for schools to request information:

The Los Angeles Film School

The Los Angeles Recording School, a branch of The Los Angeles Film School, provides a comprehensive Recording Engineer Program that includes training in both classroom and hands-on studio environments.


The Game Audio course includes an introduction to sound theory, mood, traditional audio, sound equipment, mixing techniques, and recording. The creation and management of audio assets are emphasized as they relate to game production and the significant role of sound within a game.


The Film Production course examines the entire film process, from scripting to postproduction, in the 16mm film medium. In this course, students become familiar with each of the positions involved in a professional film production by participating in labs that give them hands-on experience. Subjects covered include directing, cinematography, shooting styles, lenses, audio for film, working with talent, the film producer, special effects, film editing, film transfers to video, and an introduction to non-linear editing.


The Compositing and Scene Finishing course broadens the base of students’ knowledge by offering them insight into the process of combining their computer-generated imagery with audio and video elements. By learning what happens when rendered imagery is integrated into the postproduction process, students better understand the guidelines of compositing and scene finishing.

Brooks Institute

A genre that launches the careers of musicians and visual artists, music videos are widely celebrated for their experimentation. The Music Video Production training course consists of music video production that emphasizes storytelling and performance within the genre. Planning and storyboarding skills are built to develop the concept to portray the band or song performance for the audience.

PRO127 Digital Video and Audio

This course is a comprehensive introduction to digital video production and computer editing for both picture and sound. The course provides and overview which emphasizes movement, composition, sound and computer techniques to support narrative storytelling.

PJN160 Audio Storytelling

The course provides an introductory understanding of audio as a medium of communication in the storytelling process. Students can build on audio gathering and production skills as a stand alone storytelling tool and as a way to enhance visual storytelling. Students will examine applications for audio in mass media and practice techniques and skills associated with producing audio material in a journalistic environment.

PPS398 Sound Mixing 1

This course introduces digital and analog audio recording, editing and mixing using digital audio workstations. Topics include ADR, Foley, music editing, and final delivery.

Academy of Art University

Creating music for film, television, video games, or any other visual medium involves a unique combination of musical expertise and aesthetic sensibility. It is a critical link in the chain of cultural storytelling. At the Academy of Art University, you will learn the language of music, and how to apply it to the expanding world of visual media.

MUS 120: Modern Techniques in Music Production 1

Students will learn traditional music composition principles and apply them to 21st century production tools to create original musical sketches. Students will use digital audio workstations (DAW), virtual instruments and loops to sync music to video with SMPTE time code.

MUS 140: Music Notation and Score Preparation

Students will learn to read, write and represent music using both traditional and 21st century musical notation techniques. Recognition of pitches and rhythms, score reading techniques and creating effective lead sheets will be covered. Exercises including rhythmic and melodic dictation will reinforce course material.

MUS 265: Orchestration Techniques 1

This course focuses on the techniques of combining different instruments for effect & mood. Students will learn the characteristics and the sound ranges (played and written) for various instruments and apply that knowledge to create a full score based on a simple piano lead sheet.

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