Atlanta Photography Schools: The Right Move for You

Looking for a photography school in Atlanta?  Here’s what to look for and how to choose the right school for you!

If you are seeking a career in professional photography, Atlanta has a number of schools designed to give you the knowledge and skills you will need to succeed in this challenging field.  Atlanta photography schools vary widely in their curricula and the certifications and degrees they offer, so it’s best to consider your own career goals before selecting one to further your education.  You’ll be part of an extended learning community, helping you make valuable contacts and gain insight into the job market.  Atlanta is a center of culture and commerce in Georgia, so your education will be put to good use in the vibrant job market.

You should first consider what sort of photography you are interested in pursuing.  Photography degree programs and certifications are available in various specializations, including fine arts photography, commercial photography, photojournalism and even digital media photography.  If you want to do portrait work, some Atlanta photography schools specialize in training programs to teach you customer service skills and give you the knowledge to get the best out of every session.  Interested in starting your own business?  Some classes are designed to give you a thorough grounding in the business aspects of photography, including accounting and marketing.  If your career goals require a four-year degree, make sure the program you choose offers that option.   If commercial art is your passion, consider taking some courses in graphic design and public relations to round out your educational experience.

What sort of degree do you need?  Most portrait studios require only a certificate or diploma, though some of the more exclusive companies prefer an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in photography.  In today’s competitive job market, a degree can make the difference in obtaining work in the commercial photography field.  Do you intend to start your own business as a freelance photojournalist?  Some Atlanta photography schools offer individualized curriculum planning to allow you to take only the courses you need, saving you time and money.  Before enrolling, it’s best to ensure that any classes can be transferred to a degree or diploma program, however, so that you do not end up taking (and paying for) the same classes twice if your career goals change.

Accreditation is important if you intend to pursue a degree program.  Some top schools are not accredited, however, so consider the reputation of the institutions.  It’s especially important to determine what sort of employment opportunities graduates of these schools are typically offered; this can decide which school will give you the best chance of landing a job in your chosen specialty. 

Regardless of your chosen career path, your course curriculum should give you a thorough knowledge of basic photographic techniques.  Classes in photographic technology, proper lighting, and darkroom procedures will teach you the basics of your chosen profession.  Atlanta photography schools vary widely in what courses they offer and typical class size; some classes are even available online, allowing you to pursue your educational goals from the comfort of your own home.  No matter what career goals you choose to pursue, there is a photography program designed to meet your unique needs.


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