Atlanta is known for its Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport , the world’s busiest airport and for its tallest landmark-the Bank of America Plaza, the 37th-tallest building in the world. Unlike other southern cities, it views itself as the leading city of a progressive “New South”.

Having more than 30 institutions of higher education, Atlanta has various workshops and classes to choose from for aspiring photographers. An academy offers classes for beginners, intermediates, and advanced students. Some universities and colleges offer programs like Digital Imaging Specialist Certificate Program that takes at least a year to complete and Diploma in Commercial Photography that trains students in photography techniques.

A school offers classes that allow the students to go on field trips to capture fantastic images with their cameras. Another school offers Adult Education Photography Classes that includes one-day to six-week classes. These photography classes provide high-quality educational experience that enables a person to do better than he already can. Any individual with or without experience can be an outstanding photographer in any field through these classes. Many students end up as photographers in different work places within and outside the country.

Any person from any place is welcome to attend photography workshops and classes in Atlanta. The instructors or mentors are not only professionals but they are also outstanding photographers who have worked in many places. They will not allow anyone to end up as an amateur that is why they impart the necessary information and techniques to each one of their students.


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