Transform your creativity into a rewarding career at Atlanta Interior Design schools!

Find yourself in the heart of Atlanta, taking your creativity to the next level with Atlanta’s interior design programs.

Are you a creative individual with artistic flair and a sense of space? Can you take on challenges and utilize your problem solving skills with vigor? Are you looking for an opportunity to combine your unique skills and abilities? Consider taking your talents to new heights with an education from Atlanta’s finest interior design schools!
 Interior design programs allow creative people with a sense of color and space to transform their surroundings (whether home, office, hospital, school, etc) into their own personal creations. Not only do you leave your mark artistically, but you also show off your practicality. Interior designers use their problem solving skills to plan a room or interior space for its functionality and quality. Create a room that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional for the people it serves. If this sounds like the career for you, you may wish to consider interior design colleges to help you get your degree.

 While some people may wish to consider schools in areas such as New York or Chicago for the city life, you can find many of the same rewards for a lower cost of living in “The New York of the South:” Atlanta, Georgia. The tenth largest metropolitan area in the United States, Atlanta and its surrounding areas are home to over 3.8 million people and over one hundred art museums and galleries, a wealth of artistic knowledge. As such, Atlanta also offers many schools with programs in interior design, such as The Art Institute of Atlanta, American InterContinental University, Westwood College, and Georgia State University. These schools offer programs with degrees in interior design, such as Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design or Bachelor in Fine Arts in Interior Design.

 With a degree in interior design from one of these schools, you can find yourself in a career that showcases your creative talents and thoughtful ingenuity. Take interior design courses that challenge you to develop a concept for an interior space and also test your ability to make your ideas practical for the needs of the client. Computer and software training in these programs will help you develop the technical skills you’ll need to make it in interior design. Opportunities at the Art Institute of Atlanta allow you to take interior design courses in the evening. Georgia State University, located in the heart of Atlanta, offers credit for internships, allowing students to gain professional experience in interior design while still completing degree requirements.

With these programs in interior design, providing you with challenging and engaging courses, you will find yourself with the necessary skills and preparation for a career in interior design. Graduates work in a variety of different fields, such as residential design, retail store planning, health care, lighting design, stage design, restaurant design, industry related commercial sites, and much more. A rewarding and engaging education from Atlanta’s finest interior design schools combined with your creativity and ingenuity will propel you in the right direction toward the fulfilling career you have always wanted.


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