Global industrialization in the twenty-first century propelled the science of industrial design. It is through this science that new product and technology is conceived and perfected to meet the demands of highly industrialized economies.  Atlanta, the capital city of Georgia, is one of the places to consider for one who is contemplating to study Industrial Design. Atlanta Industrial Design schools’ offer  prospective students great competitive advantage.

The Globalization and World Cities Study Group and Network, an organization that ranked highly developed cities as world-class cities based on their global impact and influence, declared Atlanta as a “Gamma World City”. Like other world cities of the United States, it is home for a growing number of multinational industries; including those on the Fortune 1000 list. Thus, it can be said, that Industrial Design students in Atlanta not only earned world class education but gained better

The most popular design school of Atlanta, the Georgia Institute of Technology, seats in 400 acres of the beautiful and historic Savannah district. It is one of the top ten public universities of the United States as reported by the US News and World Report. The institution is committed to provide science and technology focused education. Aside from industrial design, students can choose from a wide array of undergraduate and post graduate programs in architecture, computing, engineering, management, sciences, and arts.

The school offers wide array of student support services including scholarship and financial aid,  alumni support through its alumni organization, and career services in partnership with government and private companies. Industrial design graduates worked as design engineers, CAD engineers, or industrial designer.

Another promising design school in Atlanta is the Savannah College of Arts Design, a non-profit, privately owned accredited educational institution. SCAD is also known as the University of Creative Careers. DesignIntelligence, in its annual survey for the best performing design schools in 2008, ranked SCAD’s industrial design program among the top four throughout Georgia. SCAD industrial design students have the privilege of working on several projects in partnership with renowned companies like Coca-Cola, Philips, Gulfstream Aerospace, Newell Rubbermaid, and Freescale, JCB Inc., and others.

Successful industrial design graduates are hired as design engineers or product designers in leading industrial and manufacturing firms in the business of electronics and communication, transportation, entertainment, house wares, scientific and medical instruments, equipment, personal gadgets, toys, furniture, product packaging, and countless others; in Atlanta or in neighboring cities. Industrial designers may use computer-aided-designs (CAD) to visualize the conceived design of a new product or innovation, create models and prototypes before finally producing a set of samples for testing and retesting prior to distribution and marketing activities.

Practically there is a designer behind every product. They are paid high for their ingenuity in identifying customer needs and satisfying identified needs with robust products and customized designs.  The continuous demand for regenerative and environment-friendly products provides more opportunities for the graduates of Atlanta Industrial Design schools.


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