Atlanta Illustration Schools (AIS) is one of the foremost illustration colleges in the country, and one of the most recognized. More than just an art school, AIS provides students with advantages that enable them to compete in today’s competitive illustration market. AIS offer classes in all types of illustration techniques, from digital art rendering to freehand drawing.  Courses at AIS are revolutionary in that they cover such a wide array that AIS students can specialize in very specific types of illustration, allowing them to earn a degree that specifically states the area of expertise, rather than an anonymous Bachelor of Arts degree.

The school is located in Atlanta, Georgia, a sunny and picturesque location, perfect for getting the creative juices flowing. Offering historic buildings combined with modern structures, Atlanta Illustration Schools has something to peak every interest. AIS focuses on making sure its students graduate with the type of knowledge and abilities that give them a competitive edge. AIS provides its students with state-of-the-art technological resources so that, upon graduation, students are already familiar with the latest advances in illustration technology and techniques, and the latest software applications, so they enter the job market more knowledgeable and prepared than many of their peers.

As part of its focus on providing the competitive advantage that is required by the illustration market, Atlanta Illustration Schools employs some of the best faculty in the country. AIS professors have real-world experience so they know what it takes for an illustrator to survive and thrive in today’s market.  Having worked for companies such as Walt Disney Studios and Adobe, the faculty at AIS understands how to help their students stand apart. The faculty at AIS also has the type of connections that ensure that AIS students get the best internships and job offers. In fact, over 90 percent of AIS graduates are employed within their field within six months of graduation, with many accepting job offers while still attending AIS.

Atlanta Illustration Schools is able to provide its students with so much more than traditional art schools because it specializes solely in the field of illustration. By this specialization, AIS is able to provide its students with a course of study that is focused on a specific genre and/or technique of illustration. These are the types of options that make a difference. By not studying those aspects of illustration which do not appeal to the student, the student is in a better position to excel. The student is able to focus only on his chosen genre and/or chosen technique and learn that specialty inside and out- the history of it, the finer aspects of the technique, the tools that are currently within use as a standard and the tools that are rapidly becoming the standard, the new technological advances on the horizon, and have an idea where that genre/technique will be in five years. This devotion to the instruction of illustration sets AIS apart from other art colleges and can provide the competitive advantage needed today.


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