When choosing a film school, New York Film Academy or  the American Film Institute in  Los Angeles are probably the first schools that  come to mind.  After all these are schools were the action is and where all the jobs possibilities are.  But look a little closer and you will see that the film industry is booming everywhere around the country and the world.  The internet alone has opened the doors to new and endless film and media possibilities the world over.   No need to leave your state to get a highly specialized degree in film, when you can get a film degree right here in Atlanta, Georgia.  The Art Institute of Atlanta, Emory University, Georgia State University, and America Intercontinental University are just a few of Atlanta Film schools that can compete on a global scale. All these film schools are highly revered with their own unique curriculum and methodologies that focus on individual needs within their particular field of study.  All these schools provide their graduates with the necessary skills that will have them well-positioned to vie for the most sought after entry-level jobs in this every expanding industry  

The Art Institute of Atlanta for example  is one of over 40  Art Institutes  located in  North America, and is a vital resource for students interested in  media arts.  The Art Institute of Atlanta is a college of inventive specialized studies with a unyielding belief in career-oriented learning and offers a wide variety of film programs including Bachelor’s degrees in Digital Filmmaking & Video Production, Media Arts & Animation, Visual Effects & Motion Graphics, as well as a Video Production Associate in Arts degree.  The opportunity to take both day and night classes as well as the possibility of studying on a part time basis, allow students greater flexibility to work and   to complete their program within their own time frame. 

America Intercontinental University is yet another Atlanta film school  dedicated to giving students real-world skills in the ever changing field of Film.  AIU keeps students up to date by teaching current industry knowledge and trends that give future graduates an edge over the competition and enable them to pursue thriving careers in their field of choice.  AIU’s highly regarded  Media production program excels at providing students with theoretical as well as  practical industry-current skills in the  areas  of  computer animation,  lighting,   editing, directing,  audio and sound recording, and even scriptwriting  to name a few. The career-focused Media Production degree program gives students a more detailed view into the uses of video techniques, editing and post-production practices, as well as a well-formed view of the functions of the director and producer.

Graduates from Atlanta film schools  have gone on to work  in  the areas of producer, director, production assistant, film editor, sound recording specialist, writer/researcher and videographer/director of photography.  The possibilities are endless. So before you decide to take the plunge and move out of State or even out of the country,  remember that Atlanta film schools offer just as good if not better education than any  any other film school within the U.S  and around the world.


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